Peach Bottom, v. 1

Peach Bottom
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A mother embarks on an epic journey to find her daughter.

A daughter embarks on an epic journey to figure herself out before her mother finds her. 

A young activist learns to raise her fist.

A complier attempts to find justice in the laws she lives by.

The rich built towers during the war. Pillars of electric light, perfectly contained, complete communities, protected from the rising tides and the violence of the ground below. Outside these steel bubbles, however, the poor struggle to survive in the flooded wreckage of the old city.

The greatest threat goes beyond nature, though - when SkyLife Corp buys up the ground-level neighborhood of Mt. Danu and schedules it for demolition, a neighborhood mobilizes. 

Peach Bottom is a story about a neighborhood, and neighbors. It’s a story about survival - strength and softness fueling a journey of love and community. More than anything, it’s a story about finding home - and what, exactly, that means.

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Peach Bottom, v. 1

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